How to get your paid media ready for spring shopping

By Danny Ireland

It’s 2022! You’ve probably just pushed some January sales live as the holiday season spending continues. You breathe a sigh of relief as the final hurdle of chaotic shopping campaigns is in sight.

But wait. 

Isn’t Valentine’s Day just 6 weeks away? And Mother’s Day in 3 months? Easter comes soon after that…

The point is, if you’re in ecommerce and your products remotely resemble a good gift, Q4 and Q1 are prime-time opportunities. Here’s our advice for getting the most out of springtime shopping.

1. Start early

Now, this might not be music to your ears if you’re behind for Valentine’s Day, but it’s good advice all the same. Shopping habits have changed enormously since the pandemic began, so you need to see how audiences are reacting to your products and seasonal shifts. 

We’ve seen audiences start their shopping much earlier than previous years, with Christmas searches in early October and activity spikes happening well before peak season.

2. Structure your campaigns accordingly

Want to get that sale? Make it as easy as possible for your customers by grouping your products into holiday appropriate categories. Campaigns, landing pages and gift guides should centre around the holiday you’re targeting, rather than types of item.

Customers don't always have a fully formed idea of exactly which gift they're buying, so displaying a range of products as part of a ‘valentines gifts for her’ campaign is much more likely to reap rewards.

Hotel Chocolat have always been particularly good at this, sorting their products to capture lots of different intentions and audiences.

Hotel chocolat landing pages

3. Seasonal-specific stock? Go aggressive

Whether it’s gingerbread houses or Easter bunny chocolates, any stock you have that you can’t sell at a different time of year needs prioritising. Alongside going early, don’t be afraid to spend more aggressively and front-load your budget to get your products the visibility they need to convert.

That doesn’t mean mindless bidding, but instead thinking ahead of time about which products you need to throw your weight behind to see better returns. Unless it’s a Creme Egg, no-one’s buying Easter-themed items in June.

4. Be clear in your messaging

This should go without saying, but having a clear CTA and straightforward messaging can be the difference when competition spikes, so make sure your ads aren’t leaving it up to guesswork. 

If you’re going early on your campaigns, make sure your website and/or landing page is also reflecting your messaging. Hero imagery, headlines, and other graphical elements should all be pulling their weight so users know they’re in the right place – see below how Abercrombie and Fitch used colour, copy and imagery to sell Christmas from their homepage.

Abercrombie and Fitch 1600x900

5. Stay on top of trends

Previous lockdowns and more online activity has created an environment rife for start-ups, challenger brands and new business to compete. The ‘support small business’ and eco-friendly movements are also likely to stay strong well into 2022. If these match your credentials, lean into them! If not, be prepared for more competition and adjust your strategy (and budget!) accordingly.

Does your paid media need some spring cleaning? Get in touch with us today for help on everything from campaigns, to data, to landing page optimisation.

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