5 common Google Tag Manager mistakes – and how to fix them

Thanks to the complex nature of tracking, Google Tag Manager (GTM) presents plenty of opportunity for mishaps and mistakes. 

Our Data Strategist Michael spends a lot of time auditing containers for our clients, then working with them to improve their setups to provide better clarity on their data. In just 10 minutes, Michael covers the common GTM mistakes he finds, including: 

  • Tracking clicks on telephone numbers

  • Tracking by Page URL

  • Issues with the built-in form tracking

  • The inflation of views on your thank-you page

  • Why creating too many triggers can become a headache

He’ll also show you how to avoid these pitfalls with smarter solutions that get you the insights you really want.

You can find the handy resource Michael mentions here: https://www.analyticsmania.com/post/write-auto-event-listener-no-coding-skills/

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