Why Video?

YouTube and Social Video advertising 

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, it’s therefore a great place to advertise your product and these stats speak for themselves:

  • People are 2 x more likely to pay attention to ads on YouTube vs social media
  • People are 3 x more likely to pay attention to online video ads vs TV
  • 95% of ads on YouTube are viewable, and 95% are watched with the sound on
  • There’s been a +150% YoY growth in conversions generated by YouTube ads in the past 12 months

YouTube Advertising Explained

YouTube for action campaigns help drive leads and conversions by adding prominent CTAs (calls to action) and headline text overlays to your video ads. These new call to action buttons and location extensions help drive conversions directly from your video ad!

Fantastic Audiences

It’s all very well having an easy way to convert, but how do you attract the right audience? 55% of people searching for a product on Google then learn more by going to YouTube before they buy. YouTube realised they needed to harness these people and have now given advertisers better targeting options. You can now target potential customers based on intents and interests as highlighted below:

Affinity and in-market segments 
In-Market Audience is composed of people who are actively searching and comparing your product/service. Affinity targeting analyses someone’s overall interests and lifestyle to get a sense of their overall identity.

Life Events 
Reach people during major life milestones like getting married, moving, or graduating college.

Consumer Patterns 
Reach frequent grocery, big box, department, convenience store shoppers, frequent restaurant goers, and more.

Custom Intent 
What if you could reach audiences on YouTube that just searched Google for what you offer? With custom intent audiences, now you can!

Results speak for themselves

At Launch Online, we have been testing different videos for many clients across YouTube and social media and we have seen some fantastic results.

We recently managed a video for a travel client, specifically created for YouTube, it was a 30 second video with the aim of being ‘unskippable’. To keep the costs low, we re-used existing footage and re-clipped it, below are a highlight of the results.

YouTube: Results 

We created two audiences for the YouTube advert, one remarketing audience and one prospecting audience. Within a week we saw the following results:

  • 90 hours of watch time for a £133 spend
  • 41% average view rate

Facebook: Results

Although the video was created for YouTube, we saw how great the results were and decided to test it on social and we saw equally suburb results:

  • 95% of people watched the whole video
  • 95% view rate
  • £0.003 cost per view
  • Above average quality score
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