Launch is supporting the FORCE Cancer Charity Autumn Bike Ride initiative this November, but rather than being out on the road, we’ll be pedaling our little socks off from underneath our desks.

With the help of a mini pedal exerciser, which fits underneath our desks, the team will pedal as far as they can over the coming four weeks of lockdown while they work.

Cheer us on through JustGiving  and see which team member will be crowned King of the Mountains and who will get their hands on the infamous yellow jersey!

Every week the leading cyclist will wear a yellow jersey, a nod to the tradition that exists in the Tour de France where the best rider is recognised by wearing a distinctive yellow cycling top. You’ll be able to follow the leaderboard here…

On December 2, we will collect the money raised and donate to the FORCE Cancer Charity, based in Exeter. 

Force Cancer Charity is an Exeter based cancer support charity. This year is its 10th anniversary of the charity’s Autumn Bike Ride fundraiser. Although it can’t run these popular events this Autumn due to Covid, they are encouraging people to cycle any way they can to raise funds. To find out more visit:

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