What does good remarketing look like?

Remarketing allows you to target users that have visited your website before. It’s a powerful strategy that can be used across Google Search, Display and Shopping, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, to name just a few.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most misused techniques in online marketing today, with many advertisers stalking their customers, putting ads in front of them at all times and sometimes even interrupting their activities. You don’t want to risk irritating potential customers – here are our tips to get you up and running with remarketing.

Best practices for remarketing

One of the best things about remarketing is knowing that users already know your brand, so there’s no need to explain what you’re all about. That makes it easier to convert them into actual or returning customers.

You’ll need to factor in the following for a strong campaign:

Strong call to action

Remember, you’re targeting users that have visited your site before, so now is the time to reinforce your brand and tell them exactly what they should do next.

Be smart

Segment your users using your analytics data. Make sure your creatives are in line with each segment and adjust your bids accordingly to make the most from your remarketing campaigns.

Don’t stalk!

The golden rule of remarketing! Stalking your potential customers can do some serious damage to your brand. Luckily, there’s an easy way around this, which is adjusting your frequency capping per user, so they shouldn’t see your ads more than a certain number of times.

Use eye-catching imagery

With so much happening on users’ screens, and with users increasingly aware of advertising, getting their attention can be a difficult task. That’s why we recommend using animated image adverts on the Google Display Network, Facebook and Instagram – following each platform’s best practices guides for the best results.

Handling data responsibly

To activate remarketing, you’ll need to leave cookies on your users’ computers, so we recommend you have Google Tag Manager installed on your site. This is the best way to ensure the correct coding is implemented so you can start collecting good quality data. In addition, it is important you update your website privacy policy, so that users are aware that you are collecting data from them – and remember, they must consent to this.

Getting remarketing right requires technical knowledge and the correct approach to ensure you do not damage your brand. It’s just one of many strategies you can use to reach your audience – if you need any help, talk to us today!

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