Launching into a new era

The last year or so has seen a lot of change – and our business has been no exception. In a nutshell, we’ve doubled in size, broadened our service offering and achieved industry recognition faster than we ever thought. 

All of which has been amazing. Launch has developed so rapidly, we thought we might as well go the whole way. It was time to retire our trusty rocket, and breathe new life into our brand.

Behind the rebrand

We don’t think digital marketing is always a particularly accessible discipline. Between CPCs, CPAs, PPC, CRO, ROAS… well. We understand why people get a bit exasperated. And that’s just the acronyms.

Getting the best out of your digital marketing shouldn’t have to feel like learning a second language. We don’t hide behind jargon because not only is that not who we are, but transparency is much more effective when you want to drive change with ambitious advertising.

So we realised we needed a brand that reflected that.

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Bringing Launch to life

Anyone who’s undertaken a rebrand before knows it’s no walk in the park. What was most important to us was achieving something that portrayed the way we do business is different.

Our rocket served us well, but it was time for something a little more personable, friendly and approachable – something a bit more like us.

A breath of fresh air in an industry that can sometimes feel more like smoke and mirrors.

Launch brand asset

At Launch, we help ambitious businesses meet challenging growth targets.

We dive into those annoying acronyms, ensuring we’re delivering against metric-driven aims. We love geeking out on the latest updates and technologies; we tweak, test and innovate until we get the results our clients are looking for. We love being an extension to marketing teams, making their ads work harder. 

We’re a friendly bunch, but we don’t shy away from a difficult conversation. Our team are advertising aficionados, but if something isn’t realistic, they’ll tell you. 

Our brand is cheerful and approachable (like us!), but our content is packed with expertise and evidence of our abilities. 

Jaye, our Founder and fabulous leader, says “I’m so excited for the future of Launch. We’ve got a fantastic team behind us and so many brilliant clients who trust us to deliver – and we’re just getting started!”

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All of this is to say that we’re delighted to finally be able to share our new brand – which is the result of a lot of hard work from a lot of people, especially our partners, Buddy Creative and Noughts and Ones. Thanks for helping to bring our vision for Launch to life. 

Learn more about why ambitious brands choose Launch to help them leapfrog the competition (sorry), or get in touch with us today.

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