We’ve raised over £1,000 for Cancer Research UK

By Victoria Richards

As part of our charity activity for this year, we’ve been fundraising for Cancer Research UK by taking part in their Walk All Over Cancer initiative. 

Working in digital often means we’re at desks for the majority of our day. This challenge has been all about getting Launch walking 10,000 steps a day, which equates to about 5 miles per day, or approximately an hour and 40 minutes of walking. 

Whether it’s having walking meetings or making sure we get out in the fresh air on lunch hours, we’re excited to not just be building healthy habits and boosting our serotonin levels, but raising money for charity too. 

We’re delighted to have raised over £1,000 for Cancer Research UK, so for the last half of March we’ve turned our sights to raising funds for the Disasters Emergency Committee for the Ukraine appeal. 

We’d love to raise a little more, so if you can spare it please consider donating via our JustGiving page

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