Meet Harriet, Launch’s new Paid Media Director

We’re excited to introduce Harriet Barter, our newest recruit! A specialist in Amazon Advertising and with extensive experience in a variety of areas – including travel, ecommerce, and lead generation – Harriet will be heading up the strategy and execution on key accounts.

To get to know her, we asked her what she thinks about the world of paid media right now…

What’s the best thing about working in paid media?

It’s very fast-paced and things are changing all the time. I actually really love the end-to-end piece of working with a client, too. You start out understanding what it is they want to achieve, they trust you do to make that happen, and then you get to prove the results and help them go even further!

Lockdown and working from home has really enhanced the way relationships are built as well. It’s nice to get a window into clients’ worlds and get to know them better, which I think in turn enhances and strengthens our working relationships.

What’s your favourite new paid media development?

I’m a big fan of the term: ‘Middle marketing metrics’. That is, moving away from a big focus on click-through rates, costs per click, and so on, and focusing on the actual conversion value.

It’s all about not getting hung up on the intricacies and focusing on the bigger picture. Value-based bidding is a good example of this in action, and is definitely something clients should be looking to leverage.

What’s a platform you think is massively underrated?

I might be biased, but Amazon! Since lockdown, the platform is getting more competitive with some advertisers starting to see its potential, but the take-up isn’t where it should be just yet.

Yes, as a platform it’s not as technically advanced as others, but it’s getting better all the time, with high conversion rates. People on Amazon are high-intent searchers and ready to buy!

How does it feel to become a Loller?

It’s a really exciting time to join Launch! The team are great and so on top of their game, and it’s clear the agency as a whole is on a really positive journey. I’m excited to get stuck in and be part of that.

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