All you need to know about Facebook's Conversions API

By Becky Dickinson

Back along, Apple caused chaos when it allowed users to expressly opt out of tracking across apps – affecting the efficiency of millions of ad campaigns.

Facebook, understandably, wasn’t too happy about this. Thus, the Conversions API was born. Working alongside the Facebook pixel, the Conversions API goes a long way to helping marketers and brands get better insights from their advertising again, so they don’t have to solely rely on browser-based insights.

Sound confusing? Well, it is a bit. We asked Becky, our Creative Director and resident social media expert, to break it down in simple terms. Have a quick leaf through the slides to learn:

  • The problem the Conversions API solves

  • What it actually is

  • How to check if the Facebook Conversion API is implemented already

  • How to get set up if you’re not already

We highly advocate downloading the slides for safekeeping – and particularly if you want to enjoy Becky's choice of GIFs!

If you need help with your Facebook advertising, or want to learn more about the Conversions API, get in touch with us today.

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