Valentines Day Advertising

It’s that time of year again! It wasn’t long ago you were working on your Christmas advertising campaigns but the holiday of love has come around and it’s time to use it it boost your sales!

One way to boost your sales this Valentine’s Day is through Facebook ads. Advertising on Facebook has great options for targeting your ideal audience, which makes it perfect for selling Valentine’s Day gifts!

Nowadays consumers don’t limit their buying to just roses! From jewellery, travel, lingerie, experiences, perfume, travel, technology to home appliances, we’re buying all sorts of things to show our love to our partners… and even pets!

Valentines Statistics 

*Let’s look at some key statistics for valentines day from 2018:

  • More than 22 million Brits geared up to spend money on their loved ones on Valentine’s Day 2018, totalling to 52.8% of us.
  • Out of those celebrating Valentine’s, each person is estimated to have spent an average of £28.45.
  • Men were more likely to be dropping the bigger amounts – they’re three times more likely than women to spend more than £201
  • Valentine’s Day seems to transcend generation, with a near equal amount of millennials (68.8%), Gen Xers (69.3%) and baby boomers (68.4%) planning to celebrate it.
  • On average, Gen Xers were spending the most (£33.94), followed by millennials (£25.75) and baby boomers (£25.47).
  • Most people planned to treat their wife or husband (59.6%), followed by their boyfriend or girlfriend (28.2%) and then their children (4.7%).
  • The next most likely candidate was pet dogs, with 4.5% of Brits planning on doting on their pups. Cats, on the other hand, get less love than their doggy-counterparts – only 3.0% of Brits plan to spend money on them.

Hints & Tips

If you’re an ecommerce site, don’t miss out on this chance to boost your sales this Valentines Day. Here’s some things to think about before you get started with your Facebook advertising:

Don’t target everyone

One mistake that many new Facebook advertisers make is they try to reach as many people as possible with their advert. If you’re not specific with your targeting, you run the risk of your advert getting lost and not getting noticed. If you’re not being niche with your targeting on Facebook, it can be extremely expensive. For example, if you’re a luxury hotel in the South West and want to promote valentines weekend, you don’t want to target everyone in the UK! One targeting technique could be to target people within a few hours of your resort. You could then narrow that audience by selecting people in relationships or recently engaged, and if you needed to narrow the audience further, you could select interests – for example, people that are interested in luxury breaks.

Your advert itself should also be niche, your advert on Facebook has a purpose, therefore each advert should have a specific audience in mind. For example, an advert targeting men in their 20’s should probably look different to an advert targeting men in the 40’s. Think about your audiences and what their core values are – this will help guide your images and copy.

Valentines Day isn’t just for couples

Think outside the box, with Facebook targeting options, you have the option to find the exact audience you want! Valentine’s day is not just for couples, us brits splash out on friends, families and pets too! If you’re a business specialising in pet supplies, you could target pet owners, offering them a pet gift set. Or, if you’re a family resort, you could target parents with young children and give them a valentines offer. If you sell women’s beauty products, you could target mothers with teenagers and show them an offer for a teenage beauty present. Take some time to think about potential audiences and play with the targeting options in Facebook to find your perfect niche!

Your ad is only as good as your website

Every person that clicks on your advert through to your website wants to see a landing page relevant to that advert. For example, if you’re offering 20% off a particular product and they go through to a page that doesn’t show that offer, then you’re likely to lose that customer. You only have a short amount of time to catch the attention of the user, so make the deal obvious and give the customer an easy journey to convert.

Don’t forget to optimise

Check your Facebook campaign regularly to see what’s working. Some audiences may work better than others and some creatives may work better than others so test and learn to get optimum results!


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