#SwitchBristol 2017

Turn on your digital marketing

I’ve got a riddle for you: what’s a phrase that everyone keeps repeating over and over again, that is 100% true and that no matter what happens it will continue to be repeated and to be true??

Got it? OK, granted – I can be speaking about many different things here, but in this particular case I’m referring to the good old: “The world is changing very fast.”

Not only does this means the world we live in is changing, but when looked into more detail what it actually means is that every single aspect of our life is changing, evolving, moving from what it was to what it is today to what it will be tomorrow, and it will just…never…stop.

The marketing industry is no exception to this rule, and just like the world around us, it continues to evolve every single day.

Let’s go back to the very basics of what marketing really is. Marketing is the art of influencing other fellow human beings’ choices.

This would be much simpler if the channel you use to connect with the audience that you are trying to influence was free of other influencers, it would be much simpler if you could just talk to them directly with no interference or noise around your message, but this is not possible, quite simply because your product is not the only one and you’re not the only marketer on the planet (although sometimes we do feel like this) and here, is where the evolution of both our world and the marketing industry comes into play.

New technologies and tools allow us to collect more data, communicate at better times, create automated and bespoke communications and so on. However, there’s always a person, a hero marketer just like you, needed to piece everything together not only to make sense of all these new technologies but also to understand what’s happening in the world and how current events may affect your business strategy, which is no small task!

I’m not here to say that these are the most eventful years in history, however, this is the era of communication made simple and fast, VERY FAST! This means news gets everywhere instantly and we need to understand how to not only react to this but also to make the best out of it and use it in our favour.

We’ve seen many marketing events out there, talking about change and evolution in marketing, but no one seems to address the fact that marketing is not a magic bubble and that it is indeed connected to the world and everything that happens in it. This is why we got extremely excited when we were invited to talk at Switch Bristol 2017, a new marketing and communications event that will take place in Bristol on March 31st, 2017. It’ll be a one-day event held at the M Shed, focusing on future trends in marketing, PR and communications and how to adapt them in our current world.

Switch Bristol 2017 has been put together with marketing and communication professionals in mind. You’ll get tips and insights from UK’s leading experts, including Bing, DCA PR, Mackerel Sky, CIM, Business West, CIPR and ourselves: Launch Online.

Yes, the world is changing and so is the marketing industry – but this doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with it. Join us at Switch Bristol 2017 and be ahead of the game.  Book your space at www.switchbristol.co.uk

Switch Bristol 2017