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Changes to the Search Terms Report

**2 September 2020**

What you need to know:

Google announced that they would only be including terms that were searched by a significant number of users in their search term reports. Now, I don’t think most accounts ever had 100% visibility on the Search Terms Report (STRs) but it is the tool we use to find and add negative keywords to refine a campaign and prevent unwanted clicks.

They cite privacy as the reason for doing it, although many are sceptical. What it means is that you need to be hot on negative keyword lists right from the get go – and when you combine it with their constant expansion of close variants – it means that accounts are more likely to see spend increase on irrelevant traffic.

However on the flip side – with over 16% of search queries every day brand new to Google, perhaps we have been refining keyword lists too much and in the age of audience marketing, we should loosen our control over keywords.

changes to the search terms report