Selling Holidays in Lockdown

Aria Resorts is a holiday company providing family-friendly self-catering holidays and holiday homes to buy across 13 resorts in the UK.
Activity period​: 2020


Return on Ad Spend




Increase YOY

The Challenge

With the Covid-19 pandemic taking full effect during March 2020 and the country entering into an unprecedented open-ended lockdown on 23 March, Aria Resorts needed a new approach to a unique problem: How do you sell holidays when people aren’t allowed outside? Working on a reduced budget, maintaining visibility was vital to Aria Resorts, allowing holidaymakers to research, plan, and book, turning armchair explorers into converted business.

The Approach

Our strategy had to capture interest, and hold that interest, until such a time that a purchase could be completed. With that in mind, we tailored the copy in our campaigns to push a consumer-centric ‘flexi-booking’ message and expanded our focus on remarketing campaigns to keep the potential bookers warm. We also took a data driven approach, working with the internal marketing team to use past booker data to find similar to audiences and also understand from a geographic and demographic standpoint where bookings were most likely to come from.

The Results

Aria Resorts charged us with securing holiday booking worth a minimum 1000% ROAS against their budget. We vastly exceeded this return to such an extreme that Aria had to reduce budgets for August… we had sold nearly every bed they had!

Simon Pitman

Group Marketing Director
Aria Resorts

At the start of the pandemic we could have gone one of two ways: batten down the hatches, or sail into the storm. We chose the latter. Having worked with the impressive Launch Online team for a few years, we knew we were in expert hands. They delivered stunning results which – in the middle of May – seemed a long, long way away.”

 “The results from Launch Online have been nothing short of staggering – Launch has exceeded our already high targets, and helped us deliver record breaking results. These results were achieved during unprecedented times, but they are what the team strives to deliver every day.”

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