​Green People, Organic Skincare

Non-brand search strategy drives sales for organic skin care business

Green People
62 %

Increase in new users

78 %

Increase in revenue

45 %

Increase in transactions

The Challenge

Green People is a international brand specialising in organic skin care products. With an extensive range of natural products for all skin types and ages, it is one of the most loved names in organic beauty in the UK and is sold through retailers such as Waitrose and Look Fantastic.

The Green People brand has a very loyal customer base and strong sales growth year on year with challenging monthly targets to fuel sales. After more than two years working with the brand, Launch Online were given the challenge of driving additional non-brand sales to introduce new customers to the Green People name, without having a negative impact on core brand sales.

The Approach

The team evaluated the structure of Green People’s account and how the budget was performing. The account had been set up with the emphasis on brand focused campaigns, but Launch now needed to find new customers.

Google Shopping was always a challenging platform for Green People because the online retailers that they supply, often sell at lower prices for the same products, making it harder to get conversions so budget had always been focused on Search and Display Remarketing. However, Launch recognised that it was the perfect platform to create non-brand Shopping campaigns to make sure Green People had a strong presence in the search results with both Expanded Text Ads and Shopping Ads for their key product ranges.

In addition, a change of attribution strategy at Green People, meant Launch could switch to Data Driven attribution in AdWords to give a much better picture of how Shopping plays a part in the purchase path without always being the Last Click before purchase.

Launch’s Shopping specialist, Danny Ireland, went about restructuring the Shopping campaigns, working with Green People to ensure the focus was on the best performing products and the correct product ranges for the time of year. In addition, together with their internal website team, Launch worked to improve the feed, the titles and descriptions and ensure the product types were as precise as possible which enabled the campaign to reflect this.

The Results

There has been an increase of 61% in Users driven to the website through non-brand Shopping campaigns, and 62% increase in New Users.

The engagement statistics were much improved too with a 14% decrease in bounce rate, 24% increase in page views and 44% increase in average session duration. However, it is the revenue and transaction figures that Launch are most proud of with a 78% increase in revenue (non-last click, even last-click was 77% up) and 45% increase in transactions. These results have enabled Green People to increase their customer base and enhance their email marketing, remarketing strategy and social advertising campaigns.

Google Shopping now forms one of Launch Online’s core advertising campaigns and overall from all AdWords campaigns there has been revenue growth of 29% year on year which is further fuelling the success of Green People.


“We spotted an opportunity to use Google Shopping to drive new customers where previously it had always been a challenging platform to grow conversions due to the product pricing compared to other online retailers stocking Green People’s products. It’s great working so closely with the team at Green People, our close collaboration means we can make campaign changes quickly and therefore see positive returns immediately.”

Danny Ireland

Senior Digital Manager
Launch Online

Stephanie Matson

Marketing Manager
Green People

“The challenges of a competitive market necessitated a flexible approach to our Google Shopping campaign. Launch Online’s carefully structured approach delivered against our revenue objectives, and increased both visibility and market share. Google Shopping now forms an integral part of our AdWords strategy.”

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