Discover Pinterest

‘The World’s Catalogue of Ideas’

Pinterest is a visual social platform that allows you to discover and group together ideas, tips, tricks and much more. Posts are called ‘pins’ that you can then ‘repin’ to your own personal ‘boards’ to come back to at a later date.

With users searching for new ideas, Pinterest acts like a visual search engine. Because of this, it makes a great platform for businesses with inspiring content about their product or service. It is vastly popular but less known for how effective it can be to businesses as a marketing tool.

The beauty of Pinterest is that it’s image based, eye catching and no sign of negativity. You can get lost in a world of useful life hacks, thousands of recipes, trending fashion and adorable puppies.

Pinterest promoted pins

Pinterest Promoted Pins

Pinterest Promoted pins are fairly new to the UK but are already showing great results. As Pinterest demands a link back to your website where the content of your pin came from, you are sure to drive website traffic as a result. Promoted pins also help to gain exposure from people that don’t already follow your business.

To start promoted pins, all you need is a Pinterest business account, a selection of informative, inspiring, eye-catching pins and an idea on who your target market might be for each pin and their possible interests.

Targeting on Pinterest couldn’t be easier!  You can choose interests and keywords related to your pin that you think your ideal audience will relate to. The remaining targeting is simple – location, languages, devices & genders.


When a user sets up a Pinterest account, they can select up to 5 interests that they wish to be shown related pins about in their home and category feeds. Interests are the first targeting option when creating promoted pins. By selecting interests that you feel relate to your pin being promoted, you know the audience will be engaged and interested in your content.

Home Feed
Animals & Pets
Hair & Beauty

Health & Fitness
Hobbies & Crafts
Home Décor
Illustrations & Posters
Kids & Parenting
Men’s Fashion

Science & Nature
Women’s Fashion

Cars & Motorcycles
Celebrations & Events
Film, Music & Books
Food & Drink


My favourite part of Pinterest Promoted pins is that the targeting can be chosen through keywords. As pins are shown according to the search that a user enters, you can enter keywords that you think someone who would be interested in your pin would enter. Keyword targeting is effective as it is displaying your pin according to what someone is searching for right now – not what they expressed an interest in previously which is how Facebook, Instagram & Twitter target. Make sure your keywords are as relevant to your pin as possible, so you know the user will be interested rather than going on something they expressed once before.

If you were to promote a pin all about ‘breakfast smoothie recipes’ your keywords could be as shown below.

Pinterest promoted pins

‘Real Time’ Tweaking

One great feature of Pinterest promoted pins is that you can tweak your campaigns in real time. Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can change your targeting options whilst a campaign is running. This is great for fine-tuning your campaigns and striving to receive the best results. By taking a look at keywords that are performing and the ones that aren’t, you can filter down and add more variations according to the results.

You can also make adjustments to your bids and daily budgets whilst a campaign is running, meaning you can find that perfect position for seeing the return you want – you never know what results you’re going to get until you try.

Try it out!

If you would like to try out Pinterest promoted pins, drop an email to You will need to have a business Pinterest account and a selection of organic pins that you have posted yourself to be able to promote these to your chosen audiences.