Why use display advertising? 

Ideal for both brand awareness and getting conversions over the line, display ads are a flexible format that allow your brand to appear on websites around the world.

Whether it’s the Google Display Network, on socials or any other ad network, display offers the opportunity to be seen by huge audiences – not just those showing intent through their searches. 

It’s a great way to create an initial interest in your brand and, if users start visiting you, start remarketing to them to get those conversions!

Benefits of Display:

  • Attention-grabbing ads with rich media

  • Creative formats to attract your audience

  • Specific targeting options unavailable on Search

  • Be seen by large audiences

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Using Display to increase your online success

There are a number of types of display ads that can be matched to suit your needs.


Rich media ads placed in banners or sidebars of websites, using video and imagery to attract attention.


Input a number of images, headlines, and descriptions and let the ad platform’s algorithm work out the best combination and format. 


A user’s visited your page – now you can remarket to them with a specific message to get them to come back and buy!


Displays in the same style as the host website’s content to blend in – sometimes positioned as ‘sponsored content’. 


As you might expect, these are rich media ads using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others as their platform.


Google’s own form of native ads – displays across their key properties including YouTube, Gmail and Google Discover.

So there are plenty of options available to not only use display ads, but harness them in a way that perfectly suits your campaign, target audience and aims.

Why choose Launch to manage your Display campaigns? 

Display is a fantastic way to reach your audience. As an award-winning paid media agency, we’re well versed in the challenges, opportunities and ever-evolving innovations associated with digital advertising and are perfectly positioned to help you execute on your campaigns.

Whatever your sector, we can work with you on creative, strategy and technical management of campaigns to drive results. We can also assess how display fits into your wider marketing strategy and whether display activity would be complemented by other paid media, giving you the best chance of success.

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Our display advertising services 

Creative Assets

Need some extra hands to create assets for your display campaigns? We can give you a full suite of imagery to support your activity.

Campaign Management

Want an expert to run it all for you? Let us take care of the intricacies of set up, management and reporting, leaving your team time to focus on other things. 

Paid Media Strategy

Curious about what else you could be doing with paid media? Display can be supported with all manner of ad campaign types – talk to us about what that could look like for you.

Programmatic Advertising

Interested in getting machine learning and AI to buy your advertising space? We’ve done that too! Get in touch today to find out about our approach to programmatic ads.

Not looking for Display advertising services? Take a look at our Paid Search, Paid Social or or Video advertising pages instead.

Launch are a great agency to work with and they really know their stuff! They are very approachable and go above and beyond to help their clients. I cannot thank them enough for their help during the pandemic. I thoroughly recommend them as an agency and feel lucky to be working with them.

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