Benefits of training your team with Launch

  • Ensure you’re adhering to industry best practices

  • Accessible training delivered by a Google Premier Partner

  • Training pitched at your team’s level of expertise

  • Ensure your whole team has the same base knowledge 

Our approach to training 

First things first: we’ll get an understanding of your current knowledge level, so we can pitch our training at the right level. There’s nothing worse than investing in training, only to be underwhelmed at the level of detail, or overwhelmed by acronyms and jargon. We live and breathe digital marketing, but understand that not everyone does! 

From there, we’ll understand what your business requirements are, what goals you need to track and achieve, and how you need to report your results. This is the core of the training, so the time we spend with you equips you to achieve measurable results that can be shared with your stakeholders.

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What we look for

Ahead of training, we go through a checklist to audit your website, looking for things like...

  • Is Google Analytics deployed correctly?

  • Is Google Tag Manager on the site?

  • Is the website https?

  • Is the website mobile-friendly? 

  • Does the website have base-level SEO in place? 

  • Are cookies being managed responsibly?

We’ll cover off any immediate concerns in the training, along with providing your team with the skills they need to elevate their approach to digital marketing – giving you immediate, tangible benefits right away.

Get in touch today to talk about setting up training for your team – or if you want to outsource your digital marketing, visit our Paid media page.

Jaye Michael 1080 square

Couldn't recommend Launch enough! Danny has been incredibly helpful and thorough with the support and advice he has given us, on hand to answer any questions I have quickly and in a way I can easily understand. I feel so much more confident in what I'm looking out for with search terms, keywords and making changes in our Merchant Centre feed.

Abigail Cooper - SD Hardware

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