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Latest Trends – March 2020

Insights from Google – 10 March 2020

The challenge with writing anything at the moment, is that it will age very quickly, so this is a snapshot as of Tuesday 10 March on what we are seeing in our accounts at the moment and some of the insights we are getting from Google.

Travel Industry
This is obviously one of the most affected verticals and things are changing very quickly but here are some key trends >

  • UK travellers are still researching holidays, UK holiday terms have seen an increase in the past few days, especially for Easter holiday terms
  • Bookings have slowed down but have not stopped as people wait to see the situation unfold, last minute bookings are still strong
  • Travel companies that are capitalising on the situation are offering the following
    • Flexible booking terms / cancellation
    • Low / no deposit on new bookings
    • No change fees
    • Cost per clicks are decreasing as less advertisers enter the auction

The opportunity here is for tactical messaging covering the above but also for taking the opportunity with less competition to take up market share. This is likely to be a short term situation so taking the opportunity to increase your search impression share could be beneficial for longer term strategy.

Last Minute
Be led by intent – if users are searching for last minute holidays, they are looking to book one, so be there for those high intent queries to capitalise on bookings which are present. However, you do need to be very transparent with your terms and conditions for cancellations.

Increase in Online Activity
As people take to the internet to keep up with the news and as working from home increases more and more users are digesting online content. This is the time to be taking advantage of cost effective brand awareness campaigns. Video / YouTube / Facebook / Instagram / Display Network all provide an opportunity to build awareness at a low cost in your target market while they spend more time online. We can launch campaigns to build the top of the funnel with a lower advertising spend so that when the situation improves, you have a healthy sales funnel with strong remarketing lists.

Be Agile
We remain a quick, agile account team, so we can react to data we are seeing and what our clients need us to do. Take advantage of this, let’s keep the communication channels open and make sure you keep us updated with changes you are making. We are increasing our opening hours to include emergency support over the weekend – we will be sharing these contact details with our clients via enewsletter.

Updated 10 March 2020.