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With Hootsuite, you can manage a number of accounts in the same program without having to log in and out every time you need to switch platforms. You can manage Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ all at the same time.

To ensure you keep a balanced social media presence, you need to be keeping all of your social platforms active with regular posting, tweeting and interacting as well as reaching out to new influencers of your business. Hootsuite helps to make this an easier process.

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Save time with Scheduling

Never got enough time in the day to tweet and keep your followers entertained? Ever realised you missed out on a key date that could have been used in a tweet? By scheduling tweets in advance, it provides the time to look at a calendar and create tweets based on specific dates. For example, you could create tweets for Valentine’s day, Mothers day and April Fools in advance and set them to post at a key time of day. Choosing the most effective time of day to tweet needs the help of a programme called Audiense which allows you to receive “best time to tweet” reports. This can be based on your own Twitter account or the whole of Twitter. If you also include hashtags related to these specific days, you will gain more exposure, increase your engagement and hopefully stimulate new followers.


Streams can be set up to monitor certain hashtags, mentions, competitors, lists and more all on one dashboard. This is one of my favourite tools as you can easily keep up to date with what users are talking about that could be valuable to you. This way, if you see something interesting you can contribute to the conversation, like or share directly from the dashboard. With Streams you never miss a trick.

Monitor hashtags

Any hashtags that you would like to keep an eye on can be tracked with streams. You can monitor the stream on a daily basis to keep track of anyone using the hashtags you are interested in. This can also help to find ideas of new hashtags from what these users are including in their tweets.

Follow conversation topics

If you were promoting a new product, event or blog post you could set a stream to monitor anyone talking about this on Twitter so you can get involved. For example, if you had an event coming up, you could add keywords related to the event into the advanced filter and anyone using those keywords will be tracked into your stream. You can then interact with these users, ensuring you make the most of the conversation and make yourself heard.

Check up on your competitors

As well as having streams set up for monitoring hashtags, conversations and mentions you can add in your competitors to one single stream to see all the activity performed by them. With this information, you can see what hot topics are being discussed, take tips from their accounts, get in on conversations that they are talking about, etc.

Connections are key

Do you reach out to any users you have a connection with on a regular basis? Adding your connections into a stream with Hootsuite allows you to keep in touch and see all the content that they post. By having everything in one place, there is no need to search for valuable content to share and contribute to.

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Hootsuite Certified