1. Take the time once a month, or more frequently for higher spending accounts, to run a search term report in Google AdWords, to ensure your adverts are triggered by relevant keywords. This is valuable data which can tell you more about the language that your customers use, it can help you find negative keywords to add to the campaign to keep your traffic relevant and it can help you find new keyword themes to split into ad groups which all helps with quality score and making the most from your advertising budget.
  2. Are you tracking conversions or goals? If not you should be, even if it is the view of a key page, increasing the time people spend on your site but more frequently it is tracking the completion of an online form, making a purchase or picking up the phone. By taking the time to identify your digital marketing goals, Google AdWords success can be measured and reported on which helps track the return on your advertising investment.
  3. Do you have the latest Universal Analytics tracking code on your site? If not you could be missing out on more data and better cross device tracking. It is a simple process and if you already have Google Tag Manager (GTM) installed you don’t even need to contact your developer!
  4. Are you utilising all the ad extensions on your Google AdWords campaigns? Call extensions, Sitelinks, Location extensions, Review extensions, App extensions – they all help to increase the size of your advertising and help push out the competition – and they don’t cost any more! They can help to push specific promotions, get across the reputation of your company or awards you have won and all this contributes to your quality score, click through rate and therefore ultimately the cost you are paying per click!
  5. How does your brand look on Google? Google yourself, use your phone, your iPad, friends computer, library computer, incognito browsing, IE, firefox, chrome – make sure that your company is making the most of the Google products that help your brand stand out. Is your Google Places up to date, wrong opening hours or dodgy telephone number is very frustrating for users! Has your Google+ page got recent, relevant, engaging content on it? Are you customers leaving positive reviews on Google+? Are people bidding on your brand – in which case you need to be too, otherwise they are stealing your traffic.

These are simple fixes to make the most of Google AdWords for search – if you don’t have the time to do this yourself, perhaps we can help?

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