There is no disputing the speed that technology is evolving, much of it seems beyond our comprehension and often, small companies struggle to understand how they can harness the power of tech for their own gain. Here are some tips to keep you ahead of the digital marketing game, or at least keeping up with it!

  1. Mobile, cell phone, dog and bone – doesn’t matter what you call it, it is going to be crucial if you want to keep up with digital marketing. QUOTE STATS Is your website mobile friendly – if not why not? How frustrated do you get when you go on a site on your mobile and it doesn’t work – do you stay on it and preserve, wait until you go home and go online on your laptop – NO – you bounce off and go to a competitor site…or swear at it…or both! I struggle to understand companies who are investing in new websites without a mobile strategy – GET ONE or risk losing your customers. In Analytics you can see clearly how many users log onto your site on a mobile, their bounce rate, engagement etc so look at this report and make sure you pay attention. The future is mobile…in fact so is the present!
  2. Video works so use it! It doesn’t have to be broadcast quality, it doesn’t have to be directed by Spielberg (although if you know him why not!) it just needs to be engaging, on-brand and put in the right places. Did you know how little advertising on YouTube costs? Literally pennies? Is it part of your digital marketing strategy? It should be. I can’t think of an industry it doesn’t work for:
    • Holidays, well who doesn’t want to see the beach that hotel is on that they are thinking of spending £2000 on?
    • Beauty, instruction videos of using products, tips on skincare etc are huge on YouTube – why not advertise against the beauty vloggers who are attracting 100,000’s of hits a week?
    • Clothing, seeing an item of clothing on someone walking down a catwalk, the way it hangs etc
  3. Organic is dead, long live the paid! Well it isn’t quite as simple as that but if you don’t have a paid online advertising strategy – be it Bing Paid Search, Google AdWords, Facebook promoted posts or in App advertising or preferably all of the above – then you will be missing out on rich insights into your customers, the keywords they are using, the targeting you can take advantage of and the potential reach of your business.
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