Facebook Canvas Ads

The new way of telling your business’ story!

Facebook have been introducing lots of new and exciting features to their advertising services over the last year. First, it was Instagram advertising which is totally awesome – if you aren’t yet a part of this, you really should be! Then we were introduced to Slideshow ads, a way to show a number of images in a fast loading video format, great for stimulating engagement from your audience.

In the last 6 months, there have been fantastic upgrades to the targeting options, the most useful being an either/or feature. This makes our targeting much more efficient when finding the right users to display our ads to. We can now even target by a user’s suggested income and purchase behaviour!

Facebook have gone overboard on their newest feature, Facebook Canvas ads. The interactive ad designed for mobile allows you to tell the user a story, whether that be of your brand or the product/service you provide.

Facebook Canvas Ads


Your logo can be entered into the top of the ad, which can be set to stay visible at the top of the ad for the duration of the users viewing or only seen at the top once.

>> Logo size: 66 x 882 pixels (maximum size)

Tilt to Pan / Tap to Expand Images

You can add a total of 20 different images into a canvas ad, with the option to set a tilt to pan or tap to expand feature. Tilt to pan allows you to tilt your mobile from side to side to view a landscape image in a panoramic view. The wider the image the better for tilt to pan formats! Tap to expand lets you click on a small image to expand to full-screen size.

>> Full height of image: 1920 pixels

>> Tilt to pan: must be at least 640 pixels in height


The carousel in a Facebook Canvas ad works just the same as a normal carousel ad but without the headlines and descriptions. All of the individual images can include a different link to your website. You can use a maximum of 10 images in your carousel but all images must be exactly the same size.

>> Image size: 1080 pixels width x 1920 pixels height.

Button (Call to Actions)

You can enter a button to use a call to action such as ‘Book Now’, ‘Visit Our Site’ or ‘Learn More’. This is a customised button so unlike other Facebook ads, you can write your own call to action. These are beneficial to use at the bottom of the canvas ad to indicate to the user what to do next.


You can even include videos in your canvas ad, but portrait orientation is recommended as it will automatically resize if uploaded as a landscape. Videos will play automatically to the user when they are displayed on the screen. Your videos cannot exceed two minutes and have to be in either .mp4 or .mov format.

Try it out!

If you would like to try out Facebook Canvas ads, drop an email to c.buckley@launchonline.co.uk with the details of what you would like to promote.

You will need to have the selection of images you want to use and a logo ready. We are able to crop these to the correct sizes if they are too large but they need to be at least the size of the specs given above.

For more information and some examples of Canvas ads, visit this link >> https://canvas.facebook.com

Facebook Canvas Ads