Ready to commit to compliance, but not sure where to start? We can help! Our data wizards will get you on the right track, ensuring you’re collecting data responsibly without compromising on your insights. 

What does compliance involve?

It’s generally about sorting your cookies – but not the warm, freshly baked kind. Cookies are data identifiers stored on a user’s browser, allowing marketers to track that user and understand more about their behaviour. They’re especially useful for understanding how users typically find you and which campaigns are working well.

Historically, internet sites could place cookies without users’ permission. Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act came into effect, that has dramatically changed in favour of protecting users’ privacy.

These are just some of the top-level headlines:

  • Users must express their consent explicitly 

  • Users should be able to opt-out of non-essential cookies for the duration of their time on the website

  • Cookies should be grouped by purpose, and a user should be given the choice to opt-in and opt-out by category

  • If a user opts-out of non-essential cookies, they should not be prevented from browsing the website altogether

  • A user should be able to change their cookie preferences at any time

This is all a good thing for internet users – but to most organisations, you’d be forgiven for thinking it sounds a bit tricky. You can learn more about cookie compliance and the law in our free webinar.

Of course, we can also bring your digital estate up to speed on compliance for you.


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Using OneTrust for cookie compliance

You can create bespoke cookie controls with your web developer. That’s the difficult way. Our recommendation is to use a third-party subscription with an established provider

Enter OneTrust. With its sub brand CookiePro and plentiful features, it’s our platform of choice for managing cookies. We’re so confident in it, we use it for our own website!

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Reasons we use OneTrust

  • Seamless integration with Google Tag Manager

  • Customisable banner options 

  • Ready to integrate with Google Consent Mode

And as digital marketers, we especially love OneTrust’s ability to model lost traffic (those who have opted out of cookies). That means you can empower your users to control their data, without losing out on important insights. Happy days!

We’re an accredited OneTrust expert, so you’ll be in capable hands as we set you up, sort your cookies and deliver you a solution that gives you confidence in compliance. Talk to us today about becoming compliant.

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