BrightonSEO 2016

I didn’t learn much about SEO but a lot about life!

Ok, I may have overstated that, what I really meant is that the main rules you should follow to carry a successful SEO strategy, are also applicable in some way or another to a successful life and vice versa. You’re probably thinking “gosh, this guy’s going to get all philosophical”, but wait, hear me out – I might be onto something here!

BrightonSEO 2016

Let me start by giving you some background: It was 1st of September 2016, my first day of my new job at Launch Online; wait a minute! – First day at work and I’m by the seaside in a conference full of like-minded people? Being a geek is not that bad after all, huh? I think this is one of the main reasons I was able to look at BrightonSEO with a different perspective. New job, new people, another step in my career and two days ahead of me, fully dedicated to one of the things I love doing the most: Learning.

When my new boss told me I was heading to BrightonSEO even before stepping one foot in the office I thought I’d hit the lottery! I spent two days absorbing as much as I could, eyes and ears open wide, writing notes and recording every session on my phone – I truly wanted to make the best out of it, and I think I did. After reviewing all my notes and listening back to hours and hours of recordings, it was difficult NOT to relate my learnings with life, being myself in such an interesting passage of mine.

Here are my main (life) learnings from BrightonSEO – let’s find out if I’m just talking crazy shall we?

Nothing lasts forever

Just as anything in life, you can’t build an SEO strategy forever. It needs testing and adjusting over time. What’s working now may not work in the future – we all know how much Google like to mix things up! Even though BrightonSEO is a great place to do this at least once a year, it’s not enough – you have to make sure you’re up to date with the latest findings and best practices.

It’s not how many friends you have…

(it’s about how many of them you can count on)

How many times have you heard this in your life? I’d bet a fair few and although having many friends is – potentially – still good…It’s not the number of friends (or links wink wink) you have but their quality what’s most important. Focus on building fewer links but from reputable sources rather than a million links from really dodgy sites and you’ll see the results are not only far better but also more long lasting. So remember: quality over quantity, every day.

Surround yourself with greatness

Every year I go to BrightonSEO to learn all about the latest in my industry and to surround myself with the best in the field so that hopefully one day I’ll have learnt enough to become one of them. This is also applicable to your site: The closer your site is to the trusted sites, the more trusted your site will be. Let’s say you really want a link from page A but you’re new in the industry so you know they won’t link to you. However, you could try looking at the sites A is linking to, say B, C and D (I know, very creative!) and getting a link from one of them. This will not only mean you’ll get some indirect SEO power from A (A – Links to B – B Links to your site) but will also make it more likely for A to link to you in the future as B has given you their trust vote.

Of course, surrounding yourself with greatness also implicitly means removing negative energy (links) from around you (your site). Even though you can’t control who’s linking to you, you CAN disavow unwanted links using Google’s Disavow Tool. Keep a close eye on the inbound links and make sure you disavow the dodgy ones. Having said this, before you start disavowing links left and right, first try by reaching out to the sites you don’t want the links from and ask them to remove them.

You are what you eat

Everybody knows this: when the food you put in your body is bad quality, your quality of life is going to be equally as bad. By the same token, your site is the content you put in it: With an infinite – not really, but you know what I mean – amount of websites being created every day, the only chance you have to stand out is to create relevant, high-quality content, that resonates with people, that makes them think and feel. People don’t share formats or formulas, they share ideas and concepts, they share emotions and stories. It’s all about being thought-provoking. It’s all about the underline of the content and the concept behind it.

One of the slides that resonated the most with me at BrightonSEO had a single and simple phrase on it: “stop filling the internet with s…”

Similar to what I said before, there are thousands of sites right now in your same industry, creating piece after piece of content just for the sake of it so from now on, before uploading anything to your site, be smarter than them and ask yourself this question: Is this going to stand out or am I just putting out there the same as anyone else?

Relationships are important

Maintaining good relationships is a rule I’ve lived by since I was a kid. It was one of the first things my dad taught me. Maintaining good relationships is what got me this job and I’m sure it worked wonders for you too and in more than one occasion – not to even mention that being nice to others is the right thing to do. After all, what goes around comes around – I believe – and you never know who you might be talking to and what doors this can offer you in the future.

Relationships not only play a vital part in your life but also in your outreach – aha!! finally to the point – You know that moment when you’ve created an article and you have to start making phone calls and sending emails to try and get those precious links? Well, it might take a bit longer to build a relationship with every person in your contact book, but taking the time to do it will pay off in the long run. The better your relationships are, the more beneficial these are for you and whomever you’re dealing with. Some say that you should invest the same or more time in building relationships than in producing your content, and I wouldn’t particularly argue with that… So, reach out, make some friends and get those links 😉

It’s OK to ask for help!

When you’re in BrightonSEO, everyone makes SEO sound simple: “It’s all about links and content”. However, this is just a simplified version of what SEO really is and sometimes it can be particularly difficult to stay up to date with this ever-evolving industry. There’s so much to learn and do that it could make it an almost impossible task to carry out on top of running your business. This is why we’re now also offering SEO services which will help launch your site to those first pages on Google – Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to make this a reality for your business!