How to get prepared for the cookieless future

By Victoria Richards

A world without cookies seems a long way off, right? 

Wrong. According to Google, we’ll be waving goodbye to third-party cookies as soon as next year. And while that may seem like a good grace period, we’re willing to bet a huge amount of your digital marketing hinges on cookies, data and tracking. So if we’re all set to overhaul our approaches, we’ll need as much time as we can get. 

And there’s a few things you’ll need to do… 

Embrace new terminology and concepts 

Cookies, GDPR, the ICO – there’s been plenty to wrap your head around over the last few years. Now, you’ll need to consider Google Analytics 4, Google Consent Mode, ‘pings’, and first-party analytics into your vocabulary. 

That’s because the next few years online are going to be a complete transformation in the way data’s handled. Trust us when we say you do not want to be trying to manage it all at once with a deadline looming. Hop on it now, find out what’s coming and get ready to start phasing your approach to data as the changes roll out. 

Michael, Data Strategist at Launch, says: “Now is a brilliant time to start considering what the next five years looks like. Start preparing for it now, rather than being hit with it later and panicking trying to get everything in order!” 

Pivot your marketing strategy 

It’s not just platform changes and legislation that are bringing changes to digital marketing. Audiences are more aware than ever of their data and privacy rights. It’s so important that your marketing aligns with the move towards greater emphasis on users’ choice and permission. 

Permission-based marketing is set to only get bigger. Your initial audience may be smaller, but they’re likely to be highly engaged and take more meaningful actions with your business. It’s not something you want to be sleeping on.  

Mike Sharp, Ops Director at Launch, says: “This is a must for any business advertising online. The world is changing for the better with regards to data privacy, but this doesn't mean that you can’t still market effectively! These sessions will help you to understand what is still possible from an audience targeting perspective, whilst maintaining data privacy.” 

Consider alternative approaches 

As is often the case with digital marketing, the industry moves at a rate of knots. There are always new techniques to try and platforms to trial. Now is a good time to get to grips with how those platforms could be lucrative for your business. 

Programmatic advertising isn’t new, but it’s still vastly underutilised in the industry. The numbers don’t lie – it’s a highly effective way to drive brand awareness as well as conversions, and you’ll still get great data. 

Get prepared 

Our upcoming event in May covers each of these points – and you’ll get the chance to ask our speakers specific questions about them all. Aside from all of that, it’ll be a great opportunity to get back to in-person events.  

Steph Iles, Sales Director at Launch, says “There’s just no substitute for networking in person! This is a really important topic for marketers and getting into a room together with minimal distractions is a great way to absorb knowledge, as well as meeting businesses similar challenges to you.” 

There’s a lot to do between now and the cookieless future. Don’t miss your chance to get off on the right foot. 

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