Black Friday 2018

Black Friday 2018 – trends and a checklist!

Black Friday is nearly here! However, with many retailers starting their Black Black Friday deals at the beginning of the week, we’re sure your email inbox has been filled with offers for days!

Black Friday has changed the way we shop on the run up to Christmas, advertisers and businesses are having to change their marketing and advertising to make the most out of these trends.

What are the key trends?

December sales are slowing down
According to research highlighted by the BBC, consumers are buying more in November, December sales have been slowing down, as shoppers look to snap up a bargain earlier on in the build-up to Christmas.

Internet sales are increasing
According to the ONS, average weekly internet sales have nearly tripled between November 2010 and 2017. Last November, UK consumers spent over £1.6bn online every week!

Research from Salmon have predicted consumers will spend nearly £5 billion this Black Friday, with almost half expected to be spent online. UK consumers will spend on average £90 on Black Friday, with the 25-34 age range splashing more cash than anyone else (£154).

Social Media is important
Social media is becoming an important advertising platform. According to global web index, when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns, social shopping rises by as much as 66% in the UK. One of the most popular platforms for converting after seeing a Black Friday advert is Instagram. A quarter of UK respondents identify a better preview of the product as a core reason for their choice of platform to buy through.

Video is becoming important for e-commerce

According to Viddyoze, E-commerce conversion rates could be boosted by as much as 85% through effective use of video on Black Friday.

If you’re on advertising on Google Ads for Black Friday, we have pulled together a quick checklist to make sure you’re all ready for the shopping event of the year tomorrow!

Black Friday checklist

  • Landing page offers – Is your advert clear on all landing pages and not just on your homepage? If users land on a separate page, your offer needs to be obvious to them
  • RSA’s and ESA’s – Have you set up responsive ads and extended search ads? New to Google Ads this year, they will help you get an edge against your competitors 
  • Clear messaging – Don’t over complicate the messaging, make it clear what you’re offering
  • Tagging on your website Make sure your tracking codes are all working effectively so you know where conversions have come from
  • Mobile site is optimisation – With 63% of users now visiting websites via a mobile, it’s important to have your site mobile optimised
  • Clear promotional codes – If you are using promotional codes for your Black Friday deal, make sure they are simple, obvious and easy to use 
  • Update bids and budget – It’s a busy day so make sure you increase your PPC budget for increased competitiveness so you don’t miss out on conversions