The ultimate tool for Twitter and Instagram!

Audiense is a tool that allows us to discover, monitor, analyse and target users on Twitter & now Instagram too! We can analyse current communities, discover and acquire new influencers for your business, compare your account to a competitor, monitor specific hashtags and much more.

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Do you know where you sit compared to similar accounts on Twitter? Do you know where you sit compared to your competitors on Twitter? With Audiense, we can take similar accounts and competitors to compare your followers, followings, tweets per day, age of account etc.  By having this information, we can decide where you are and where you want to aim towards in terms of growing your account, the activity you perform on a daily basis and so on. It also gives you something to look back and compare with to determine your progress.

Find your existing customers

One great feature of Audiense is being able to find your existing customers on Twitter with email databases. Once an email database is uploaded, it will automatically match the emails to existing Twitter handles. We can then follow the customers that are found and retain relationships through social media.

Discover new influencers

Using the advanced search tool, users can be found by a certain location, gender, bio information, etc. The search can be defined by when the account was active, how many tweets are sent per day, their influence and outreach to others on Twitter and so on. If you follow users without knowing a little about them, you may end up with a community that is inactive and of no impact to your account.

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Do you know how to make the most of your competitors on Twitter?

Audiense allows you to enter competitors Twitter handles and add them as a third party source. This is a very powerful tool which enables us to analyse their communities and follow any of these that fit the criteria to be possible influencers to your business. As you already know that the user is interested in what you offer, you don’t have to rely on them expressing interests in their bio in order to find them.

New followers need your attention

When you gain new followers, you want to make sure that you keep them interested. From the start, you want to interact and this can be done with an automated direct message. Whether you just thank them for the follow or inform them of something that may be of interest with a link to your website. These can be set with a timer to send a certain number of hours after the follow was made. The message can be changed as often as you like to reflect business goals or events.

Monitoring & Measuring

Constantly keeping a close watch on your community, following back users and unfollowing those who are now less active means that your Twitter account can be used to its full potential. You won’t end up with a community that eventually falls asleep and stops interacting with you.

There is a feature which allows us to find out when is the best time to tweet to a community as well as the whole Twittersphere. This is an awesome tool when you want to make the most of your tweets and ensure you reach as many users as possible organically.

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Instagram opportunities

Instagram has only just recently been integrated with Audiense which is very exciting!

If you struggle to find new followers on Instagram, resulting in a small account with very little interaction, you need the help of Audiense. This can find the users you know are interested in you and are more likely to engage with your posts. You can compare your account with a competitor’s and find valuable users to follow.

Audiense allows you to keep watch on your community, making sure that you don’t miss out on following back important influencers, share the love to make your followers and possible followers feel valued.

By using Audiense you can measure the growth of your account over a period of time which helps to ensure you are having a positive impact and really making a difference.