Changes to Google Ads

5 PPC Changes You Need to Know About Now

Google made 3,200 changes to its search system last year alone! Stay ahead of the curve with our top 5 PPC changes you should know about >

1. New Ad Formats

The first rule of betas are there are no betas…just be aware that we’re testing lots of new ad formats in Google Ads, some of which are super exciting and getting great results but we can’t talk about them yet! However, helpfully, Search Engine Land reported on one of the formats here. That’s one of the top reasons to use a Google Premier Partner agency because we are able to get access to these new features first and test them to make sure that when they are released to all accounts that our clients can be early adopters. Not all our clients qualify for betas so don’t be disheartened, you’ll benefit from the testing we are doing and you can be first out trap when they come out of beta.

2. No More Avg Pos

We wrote about this earlier in the year here but for a quick summary, you will no longer be able to see average position as a metric in Google Ads. Instead new metrics have been added – Impression (Absolute Top) %,” “Impression (Top) %,” “Search absolute top impression share” and “Search (Top) IS”, which will give advertisers a better indication on whether they are getting the visibility they want in the search results page. For a more in depth analysis read Frederick Vallaeys article on Search Engine Land.

3. Bing Ads is now Microsoft Ads 

The name change isn’t the most groundbreaking change in our industry but if you want to sound like you know what you are talking about then make sure you use “Microsoft Ads” now! On a side point, we find Bing Ads…sorry…Microsoft Ads give a good return on investment across most verticals and are a great way to increase sales using campaigns already set up in Google Ads. They are also keeping Ave Pos metric…for now anyway!

4. Ad Customisers 

Google Ads for a long time have had the ability to use Ad Customisers to be able to serve countdown ads or variations of ads based on a users location or the time of day. For example, on Black Friday we use countdown ads to say “Mega Sale Ends in xxx Days”. Microsoft Ads have just announced that they now support ad customisers and even better, they can be imported easily from Google Ads.

5. The biggest threat to Google is Amazon

As a retailer, you might be nailing your PPC campaigns but are you advertising on Amazon yet? An increasing number of users go straight to Amazon to search for products so don’t miss out on these potential customers. We’re getting great results for one of our retailers with low budgets and huge ROAS (return on ad spend) so if you sell through Amazon, then let us help you drive more sales.