Digital Strategy & Marketing Playbook – Covid-19

Digital Strategy & Marketing Playbook – Covid-19

Now is the time to rely on your business partners and we’re here for you to help. We’ve put together this playbook with helpful advice & ideas on how to approach your digital strategy.

We cover:

  • The Current Challenges
  • The State of the Nation
  • Digital Strategy Industry Insights
  • Channel Insights
  • Website Structure
  • CRO






Staying Positive During a Crisis – Covid-19

5 tips to stay positive, focused and mentally strong

We’re in unfamiliar waters; to experience a threat to both our family and our business, our finances and our freedom, is completely new and terrifying. There are people making knee-jerk decisions from fear, we all need to take a deep breath and just pause.

Mark Twain: “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.”

I have a fascination with behavioural psychology; I wish I had studied it at university but for now it is something I try and read and understand, especially as it helps to influence our advertising strategy for clients. I read an interesting brief article in Forbes by Bryan Robinson where he talks about the psychology of uncertainty, giving an overview of why we are responding with panic.

“We’re hardwired to overestimate threats and underestimate your ability to handle them—all in the name of survival. If your brain doesn’t know what’s around the corner, it can’t keep you out of harm’s way. It always assumes the worst, over-personalizes threats and jumps to conclusions

Your mindset during this crisis is everything. Your perspective is the most powerful thing you can control in a situation that is beyond your control. Yes, these disruptions are scary, but fear, panic and worry are not preparation.”

So mindset is everything and we should focus on what we can control.

staying positive during coronavirus

Some tips for staying positive:

I am not an expert but I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, business owner, mentor and colleague and I am known for my positive vibes. In fact my leaderboard name on Peloton is #always_smiling so it must be right!

1 – Write down or gather a little round up of positive things that are happening – the Coldplay live session on instagram, Joe Wicks inspiring all the kids for live workouts, Gok Wan lounge clubbing…no? just me? Encourage people to share more. These moments are part of the experience and should be celebrated.

2 – Be selective with your news consumption – stick to the media outlets you trust.

3 – Gather your tribe – many of you will be home-working so organise virtual coffees but be strict with the topics – don’t make it a doom and gloom session. Perhaps start every coffee with positive or funny story. Holding a hot drink is proven to make you feel warm and fuzzy. We are loving HouseParty app, you can even play Pictionary with friends on it, in fact my social life has actually improved in isolation!

4 – Prioritise your immediate circle, your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and clients. If your immediate circle are happy, it will help you be happier and feel more positive.

5 – Working from home can be a challenge so make sure you get organised, work in a nice clean space that is decluttered. Even if it’s an ironing board, make it the best damn ironing board desk there is. Start your communication with colleagues early, with a morning cuppa. We’ve brought our 10@10 earlier to 9@9; once those channels of communication are open then you are more likely to speak to each other more during the day.

What has been very interesting to see are the barriers come down between colleagues and even clients. We’re all in our trackies, we’re all in box rooms and cupboards, we’re all struggling to stop the dog barking…we have a shared camaraderie and a lack of formality. It’s actually really nice.

My final observation is about the future; our children will be experts in online communication, it will be their normal. Will we ever go back to how it was before? I hope we certainly take some of the positives into the new brave world.

Written on 24 March 2020 by Jaye Cowle, Founder of Launch Online, Digital Strategy & Advertising

10 Marketing Tips You Should Action Today

How to navigate Covid-19 by Facebook

Practical Business Advice – Coronavirus Update

Free Practical Business Advice

Watch the webinar to make sure your business is responding & reacting the the unfolding events. Great strategic advice from four experts to help you navigate these tough times.

        • Introduction to the community, resources and support available from our friends
        • Urgent issues and recommendations
        • Website Content and Crisis Communication
        • Social Media Content and Communication
        • Digital Marketing Strategy
        • Google My Business updates

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Latest Trends – March 2020

Insights from Google – 10 March 2020

The challenge with writing anything at the moment, is that it will age very quickly, so this is a snapshot as of Tuesday 10 March on what we are seeing in our accounts at the moment and some of the insights we are getting from Google.

Travel Industry
This is obviously one of the most affected verticals and things are changing very quickly but here are some key trends >

  • UK travellers are still researching holidays, UK holiday terms have seen an increase in the past few days, especially for Easter holiday terms
  • Bookings have slowed down but have not stopped as people wait to see the situation unfold, last minute bookings are still strong
  • Travel companies that are capitalising on the situation are offering the following
    • Flexible booking terms / cancellation
    • Low / no deposit on new bookings
    • No change fees
    • Cost per clicks are decreasing as less advertisers enter the auction

The opportunity here is for tactical messaging covering the above but also for taking the opportunity with less competition to take up market share. This is likely to be a short term situation so taking the opportunity to increase your search impression share could be beneficial for longer term strategy.

Last Minute
Be led by intent – if users are searching for last minute holidays, they are looking to book one, so be there for those high intent queries to capitalise on bookings which are present. However, you do need to be very transparent with your terms and conditions for cancellations.

Increase in Online Activity
As people take to the internet to keep up with the news and as working from home increases more and more users are digesting online content. This is the time to be taking advantage of cost effective brand awareness campaigns. Video / YouTube / Facebook / Instagram / Display Network all provide an opportunity to build awareness at a low cost in your target market while they spend more time online. We can launch campaigns to build the top of the funnel with a lower advertising spend so that when the situation improves, you have a healthy sales funnel with strong remarketing lists.

Be Agile
We remain a quick, agile account team, so we can react to data we are seeing and what our clients need us to do. Take advantage of this, let’s keep the communication channels open and make sure you keep us updated with changes you are making. We are increasing our opening hours to include emergency support over the weekend – we will be sharing these contact details with our clients via enewsletter.

Updated 10 March 2020.